Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shark Bait

This is disgusting:

I used to live in Kaohsiung, so I recognize all of that. Although I agree with him that shark finning is an abomination, that video of Ramsay wandering about swearing rubs me up the wrong way; he had no right to go walking around other people's houses filming what they were doing; those people, and the fisherman down at the port, are just trying to make a living, and it is not their fault that there is a market for this ridiculous "food". Challenge this at the consumer level by persuading people not to buy shark-fin soup. Nick M's line on this is very good (but in need of shortening):
"Life and death are not games which is why we have games as well as life. The idea of finning such a creature and chucking it back to die is as repugnant to me as the idea of de-winging an F-16. A fish without fins is a ‘plane without wings - obscene. I am not saying such magnificent... creatures should not be killed but it is wrong to kill them so easily and for so little. That is dead wrong... beauty matters and it’s casual destruction to make over-priced and bland soup is an abomination."
I got to this Gordon Ramsay video from Ben Goren's place.


  1. Oh my, convincing people not to buy shark-fin soup? Might this be a job for *shudder* the government?


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