Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chinese Subversion

I hold the people in China who made this video in very high esteem simply for having the courage to do it:

They'll be in trouble with the censors - at least - very soon. Translation here.

I realize the dangers to Chinese people of daring to criticize the State, and open violence against the PRC is the last thing I want to see them try, but efforts must be made by people both within and without the CCP to bring about the rational and non-violent deconstruction of the Chinese State. Perhaps it is an impossible task, but to assert this is to assert that it is metaphysically impossible for the Chinese people to repudiate, limit and restrain political power - and I'm just not buying that.

On the youtube page for this video, there is a comment by somebody called "LarkenRose" with which I agree:
"The reason the control freaks--here in the U.S., in China, or anywhere else--want to silence things like this (whether via direct censorship, or indirect intimidation) is because they never want the VICTIMS of statist aggression to consider the possibility that defending against "legal" evil might be justifiable. They can do whatever they want, and your only recourse (according to them) is to beg the control freaks for justice. They don't want people realizing that EACH PERSON OWNS HIMSELF."
Via Ben Goren.

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