Saturday, 11 December 2010

Words On The Empty Chair In Oslo

"All persons are created equal, including the Chinese. They are equally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the only legitimate government is one that rules by consent of the people and honors those rights."
That's Aaron Worthing writing at Patterico's Pontifications. Meanwhile:
"In the lead-up to the prize ceremony, Chinese officials mounted a diplomatic campaign that resulted in several countries joining their boycott of the event. Other absentees included Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam and the Palestinian Authority."
Every single one of those 'nations' is beset by corrupt cabals calling themselves 'governments' or 'authorities' that enjoy illegitimate power over the people in whose interests they purport to exist; their diplomatic status is itself a farce and an outrage against decency.

Via: Rickety Click, via John Venlet.


  1. Good Morning from Western Michigan, Michael.

    I posted this quote, from RicketyClick, at my place, and it closely reflects your final comment on the empty chair.

    The biggest threat to peace is tyranny, always. The prize should not go to those who speak stirring words about “peace”, but those who work to root out tyranny.

  2. My apologies John - you're quite right (my negligence).

  3. Michael,

    No apology necessary. I simply considered RicketyClick's statement as being quite accurate, and commented on it, here, for your and your readers' consideration.

  4. Well thanks John. The Brit and the American - separated by a common language!


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