Thursday, 30 December 2010

None Of Tommorow's Parties

"I support any party that wishes Taiwanese to solely determine their own future free of any form of coercion."

Not so. The subject of that sentence ("party") contradicts the predicate attached to it ("determine their own future free from any form of coercion") since it (party) presupposes a State, and all States, democratic or otherwise are inherently coercive.

You should be arguing about kinds and degrees of coercion - e.g. democratically sanctioned coercion, or constitutionally limited coercion. For you, a social democrat, to issue a blanket condemnation of 'any form of coercion' merely demonstrates your incompetence at handling basic political concepts crucial to your own position.

Or else that, like Turton, you are a goddamned double-think liar.

My comment (which will probably go unpublished) to Ben Goren on his video post on Taiwan Matters. Edit: it was published and there is something approaching a discussion developing. I'm keeping an eye on it.

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