Friday, 5 November 2010

Reactions To 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections

Victor Davis Hanson casts a withering glance over President Obama's remaining two years in office:
"I don’t think the American people... who have now given him the greatest midterm putdown in over a half-century... suddenly will pay much attention to his calls for an end to the old divisiveness."
Michael Barone at National Review:
"The policies of the Obama Democrats are not the kind of change Americans hoped for."
Thomas L. Knapp at the 2012 X-voter project points out just one of the contradictions of the U.S. democratic system of "representation":
"71% of Americans either chose not to vote or were forbidden to vote — yet for the next two years the members of the 112th Congress will claim to “represent” us and to possess legitimate authority to rule us."
"California is going to go down the toilet... ditto New York State and... Barack's Illinois. Meanwhile the Federal Reserve's latest money bubble will fail... and Federal government entitlement program spending will continue to run out of control. And the unions will go bankrupt. And the MSM will continue to collapse. And General Motors will be exposed as a vast fraud... the United States economy is going to go down the plughole - and FOR ONCE the statists are going to get the blame. The unions are in no position to save them - and neither are the media."
... Paul Marks charts out the likely course of destruction between these midterm elections and the presidential election in 2012. And finally, William Lowther in the Taipei Times:
"As the campaign for the US midterm elections comes to a close, the results are likely to benefit Taiwan, as most polls predict there will be significant Republican gains as voters cast their ballots on Tuesday."
I've said it before, but it bears repeating it - advocates of Taiwanese independence will always find more friends on the right of U.S. politics than on the left, where people like Turton come from.

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