Thursday, 11 November 2010

Crazy Week

What a week I'm having. On Tuesday I tried to stop a rather large guard dog from killing a stray at the park - the owner was simply not competent to control it and I nearly got into a fight with what I assume was her son. Yesterday I twisted my back driving back to Tainan from Kaohsiung. This morning I had to make an emergency stop at an intersection to avoid hitting a stupid little man running a busy red light, and tonight I had a whole gang of young men wanting to jump me because I'd had the nerve to shout at one of them for tailgating me and beeping his horn. I'm confident I'd win a fight with any one of them - I'm fit, strong, and most importantly, in the right - but ten or more at the same time is a risk I'm not prepared to take on my own without some form of backup.

Anyway, so far I remain unscathed - what will tomorrow bring?

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