Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Perfect Pitch Of Political Outrage: Claire Berlinski Again

I am liking this Claire Berlinski woman more and more... In this third segment of Peter Robinson's interview with her for National Review, she absolutely crucifies him - and rightly so, the silly preppy choir boy - over the insolent comparison of Sarah Palin to Margaret Thatcher and the equally insolent and, in my view, utterly ridiculous suggestion of her as a potential Presidential candidate. Berlinski says exactly what needed to be said (pick it up from around the 5.50 mark):

Peter Robinson: "...no, but that suggests that she's working at it, that a year or two from now say by 2012, while she's a young woman, by 2016 this is someone who could still be very Thatcher-like, she just has some studying to do right?"

Claire Berlinski: "Margaret Thatcher had a twenty year parliamentary career in which she clearly expressed every position relevant to Britain's political life: foreign policy, the economy... in terms that were absolutely clear to anyone who wanted to consult them by the time anyone was seriously talking about her as a leader of the Conservative Party; no one was saying, well maybe in a few years she'll have mastered this, she had mastered this... years, years before anyone was seriously talking about this. And we're talking about President of the United States at a time of unique geopolitical danger, at a time when the United States economy is in the worst shape its been in since the Great Depression... we're talking about the world's last remaining superpower to which every other country is looking... for signals, for hope... for leadership, and we're talking about putting someone who might be prepared in 2016 in office: are you serious?! Where are the adults? I don't want someone who might be prepared in 2016 to even be spoken about as a possible President of the United States right now."


  1. Claire Berlinski with this statement has endeared herself to me greatly. i must admit that i replayed this segment many times and find my self re listening to this interview over and over again after all these months have gone by. she is incredibly smart and equally as beautiful.

  2. I also recall I found her apparent insistence on the future importance of Christianity in the West to be objectionable, but the reasons behind her insistence are an interesting and important subject. Other than that, yes, I like her too, but I'd avoid inflecting her personal qualities with "incredible" - flagrancy is unnecessary and modesty is a virtue.


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