Friday, 17 September 2010

Whose Energy Solutions?

"The most promising involved massive increases in R&D funding for green energy technologies and geo-engineering. I spent a good part of last year and most of this year advocating for this sensible approach to solving global warming, which is "one of the chief concerns facing the world today," as I said in an Aug. 31 interview with the Guardian, the British newspaper. What happened next was startling..."
Bjorn Lomborg reminisces on his most recent mistreatment at the hands of the dishonest Left. Unlike Lomborg however, I think far too much attention is routinely paid to the question of which energy sources - gas, oil, nuclear, solar, wave, geo, wind - should be used more and which should be used less. Far too little attention is paid by producers within the energy industries and consumers of energy alike to the question of whether the production and delivery of energy should continue to be dependent on centralized, grossly inefficient networks subject to varying degrees of State control and incompetence. Why is this? The economic realization of multitudinous and independent production of energy - whatever the source - would be something of an insurance policy in the event of any large scale political collapse.

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