Friday, 10 September 2010

Michael Scanlon

"Cai said that “he hoped China would push for cultural change, meet the needs of the market, help upgrade his country’s tastes and resist culture that was mediocre, hollow and vulgar.”

We all know what Cai means by this last phrase. Resisting culture that is “mediocre,” “hollow” and “vulgar” means squelching the voices of political dissidents — be they Han Chinese, Uighur or Tibetan.

Cai himself is nothing but a third-rater; a mediocre, hollow, vulgar bureaucrat who knows naught about culture, and who “achieved” his post through bootlicking and toadyism."
That's Michael Scanlon of Connecticut writing in the Taipei Times. I would only add to Scanlon's missive that the importance of acquiring network independence in utilities (water, electricity and fuel) and effectively encrypting communications will grow with each passing year for the foreseeable future though this is not, of itself, a solution.

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