Thursday, 26 August 2010

U.S. Perspective

At around the six minute mark into this interview, Thomas Sowell flags this November's congressional elections in the U.S. as the point of no return - after which, if the Democrats are not kicked out from both Houses, the ruination of the U.S. by the Professional Left will effectively become irreversible. My only wonder is whether that point has already been crossed. Even if current New Jersey governor Christie were to be elected President in 2012 with a supporting Republican Congress, there are too many obviously secondary, but politically sensitive structural problems (i.e. traps) for him to fall into, such as wasting far too much time trying to reverse Obama's healthcare bill. Prior to that, and a going concern now, of course is the question of Iran - a question on which, demented socialist though he may be, Christopher Hitchens has always directed his answers on target.

Yet the largest and most serious target for any serious new government in the U.S. has got to be monetary reform first and the denationalization of U.S. currency. The unstoppable growth of Federal spending has followed from the concentration of monetary power, and is one reason why Taiwan is in the dangerous slippery slope situation it is now. Anything less than the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the legal tender laws will instantly amount to failure to stop the rotting decline of the U.S. from the inside out, and even if a new President were able to scrap the laws regulating legal tender, much more would need to be done by ordinary U.S. citizens to arrest the more general decline. The rotting of the U.S. - and consequentially, the rest of what remains of a formerly civilized world, really has reached "world-historical" proportions; this is the scale of event on which Nietzsche so often wrote so incisively. It certainly puts the Taiwan question firmly into perspective.

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