Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daniel Cloud

"This difference is not one between Chinese and Western culture, though that’s what your masters want you to think - it is the difference between free people and serfs....The West got to where it is by being what it is, and many revolutions against the dead hand of tradition were required in the process. Ideas matter, so freedom matters. To believe in a third way between freedom and slavery is nothing but a form of cowardice, a failure to come to grips with what’s really necessary. Freedom is frightening. So are you men, or mice? Do you really expect that a timid, trembling, obedient mouse will ever rule the world, will ever take real power away from the people who dared to tame the lightning, and travel to the Moon?"
I disagree with quite a few bits of this piece by Daniel Cloud, but it's generally on target especially with regards the monetary aspect of current and future events. The effect it seems to have had on these people however, has been to cower them into polemical pantomime.

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