Sunday, 25 July 2010

"Literature Is Pre-Disciplinary"

I quite agree with Charles Hill in this interview with Peter Robinson. There is great import to the integration of a wide horizon of data into conceptual understanding to anyone who would attempt to act on such large scales of institutional command as say, General Patraeus, or indeed President Obama. Modern universities everywhere are hopeless at this precisely because of the disciplinary segregation. The Internet is the obvious tool with which to put them out of business - except for that minor problem wherein State mandated licensing for such things as medicine is hooked up to, among other things, the acquisition of university certificates.

Later... watching the rest of that interview I decided that although Hill may be correct that President Obama doesn't understand America, I'm not entirely sure he does either; certainly that bit about preserving liberties whilst allowing for more lobbyists - strung together in tandem - that was chalk and cheese.

Later still... Martin McPhillips predicts that Obama will start a war if things keep going not his way. I'm off out to pay some bills and order a copy of Martin's counter-terrorism thriller.

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