Saturday, 17 July 2010

Government Theft Of Farmland In Miaoli County

This is absolutely outrageous. Not on account of the stated grounds of the Miaoli County Government allegedly neglecting to complete the "expropriation process" (i.e. theft) in full accordance with the letter of the law, but that such a provision even exists in the first place. The invention of the word "expropriation" to replace the commonly accepted word "theft" was a necessary disguise for the conceptual referent of applying overwhelming violence (or the threat of such) to deprive someone of his or her property (and what is property - and the moral right to it, if not an important technology by which someone may further his or her survival?). That R.O.C law provides for such theft of private property by government organs is in direct trespass of the supposed right of individuals to property under Article 15 of this circus-tent constitution.

Again, however, this is, and it will be proven to be, just a single example of where democratic mechanisms fail to prevent the abuse of government power. Such abject violations of private property arise, not because the democratic form within which government power sits has been too roughly sculpted, but because the political culture which shapes modern politics continues to try to weave together two incompatible ideological premises - the individualism predicated upon the principle that property be privately owned, and the violent subjugation of some individuals to the interests of particular others which will be falsely proclaimed as collective interests - this is the essence of government power, democratic or not. Ain't no third way.


  1. I totally agree with you and I've read the exchange between Turnton and you on his blog. You were totally right and I'm reading your blog now, I totally changed my opinion on Turnton. Glad to see there's bloggers like you out there who state things the way they are, without the PC BS and such. I wish you good luck, please keep this blog alive. I shall remain anonymous for now, I don't want Turnton or his fanbase know who I am.

  2. Thank you "European". I would like to hope that more of Turton's readers will, if not be persuaded, at least re-examine their own incompatible premises. There is after all, the common enemy of Beijing lurking in the background here. I say we'd have a better chance of retaining more of our freedom by taking a stand on moral principles than by fiddling about with democratic oversights.


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