Friday, 16 July 2010

Failure To Communicate

"I commented on Michael Fagan's response to my Taipei Times letter. Not sure if the debate will lead anywhere useful."
Tweeted David Reid - which would not refute my criticism of his democratic reforms, but merely confirm that even if he is wrong, he doesn't care and is going to continue to recommend democratic reforms anyway because that is more "useful" than re-thinking or at least defending his premises. It is precisely in this way that the machine that Charles Sanders Pierce built just keeps winnowing out the philosophy from the politics:
"Pragmatism is the principle that every theoretical judgment expressible in a sentence in the indicative mood is a confused form of thought whose only meaning, if it has any, lies in its tendency to enforce a corresponding practical maxim expressible as a conditional sentence having its apodosis in the imperative mood."
The old beardy weirdy himself explains the ending to "Cool Hand Luke" thirty six years before the film was made.

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