Tuesday, 15 June 2010

From China With Love...?


Beyond some measure of academic competence and the awarding of a “high political awareness certificate”, there is a far more important qualification which I wonder whether those Rosa Klebbs in Beijing have considered...

How many of these students will be fit, teenage girls?

Were I an eighteen year old Taiwanese boy, looking over my classmates shoulders to see the new girls from China, I can think of several things I'd be more interested in than what scraps of stupid paper they happen to bring with them from Beijing...

Yours freely,
Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Tuesday 15th June 2010. Unpublished by the Taipei Times)

Girl found here on Imageshack. Teenage kicks, huh?! Unbeatable.


  1. hi can i ask you what's the name of the Chinese girl in the photo?


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