Saturday, 8 May 2010

Take A Deep Breath Now...

"I don't know you, but if you mean what you say, then I think you have what it's going to take to save this country."
"...if you mean what you say..." - As the person to whom those words are addressed, each one of them carries one hell of a weight. I have barely eaten all through work today until I got back a few hours ago.

I have a life; I have a girlfriend of two years, I have friendships I treasure, I have a dog that I love, I have contracts to honor and financial commitments. There are people who need my help, I have plans for the future and I live on an astonishing island out in the Eastern Pacific and I love all of this.

I don't know what a period of time in jail would do to me and what my life would be like if/when I ever got out again.

But I do know this: there can be no ultimate hiding place from the unchecked consequences of political avarice. At the risk of sounding like something I am not, there are monstrosities out there, they are coming for me and my life sooner or later whether I like it or not and I cannot stop them on my own by either speech or violence whether separately or in tandem.

The only possible escape lies with confrontation - in fusing words and action into principled, outright and unequivocal defiance of the arrogant presumption that my life and the people and things I love can be claimed by a government for "the greater good".


"When you're down is where you find yourself
When you drown there's nothing else
If you're lost you'll need to turn yourself
Then you'll find out that there's no-one else
To make the moves that you can do
When you fall from grace your eyes in blue
Your every breath becomes another world
And the far horizon's living hell..."

- David Gilmour.

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