Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mourinho's Inter

I'm quite looking forward to this Saturday's Champions League Final between Inter and Bayern. I watched Inter beat Chelsea, CSKA Moscow and then of course Barca. Mourinho's Inter are interesting to me in two ways. The first is that Zona Mista-like formation with Sneijder as the playmaker, Zanetti as left wing-back, Eto'o as second striker and Thiago Motta as sweeper. The Italian national side played like this at the 1982 world cup after Rinus Michels had supposedly made Catenaccio obsolete. So there's that historical parallel. But the second reason why I like this Inter side is that, unlike Barca, they carry an attitude of honour and courage in everything they do; sure they look for the pass when receiving under pressure but they are never dependent on it and will take their markers on even when they've got little chance of getting through and they don't go looking for favours from the referee either. They deserve to win it.

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