Tuesday, 6 April 2010

How Long Before...?

The Timid Times reports the abduction of one Charles Reith from his home about three or four hours travel from my apartment here in Tainan. Abu Sayyaf is a twenty-year old Islamic terrorist group in the Philippines responsible for god knows what violence against human nature (although their wikipedia entry lists murder, arson, kidnapping and extortion). Are Mr Reith's family and friends ever going to see him again?

My question to the Taiwanese: what will stop these monsters from trying that little stunt out on these shores? Lack of ambition? Lack of resources? And how long are those limitations going to last? There is only one sure way to deal with these creatures and that is to find them and destroy them. Or else.... how much of the rest of your life are you willing to bet?

The article wouldn't be a Timid Times article however if it didn't end on an outrageous note:
"Reith was a well-respected member of the local community, said Congressman Erico Fabian of Zamboanga, a close friend of the abducted man.“Mr Reith is a civic-minded person and a permanent fixture in business circles here,” Fabian told reporters. “I personally condemn this abduction because this guy is old and has done no wrong, only good, to the city.”
Notice my italics and now consider this question - would this congressman have condemned the abduction if Mr Reith had been young? Or if he had not had "close friends" in the congress or, presumably, the city government? What the fuck is wrong with Erico Fabian and how can anyone personally sanction the political power of utter scum like him?

You are not safe - there are real life monsters out there, they are not far away and those "authorities" charged with your protection are most often themselves merely monsters with smiley faces and titles.

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