Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tsay Ting-kuei

Ideally, I'd like to jump on important stories the day they are published, but the reality of trying to keep a life together just doesn't always allow that.

The story of Tsay Ting-kuei, published in the Taipei Times last saturday, is a good example.

What this man is doing - protesting against government regulation of protests - is exactly the kind of action which I think will be necessary to any serious attempt at recovering the condition of freedom.

His style is certainly old school (MLK, Ghandi...) but what interests me is the man's narrowness of purpose; I'm certainly in favour of trash-lobbing the Assembly and Parade Act, but I have no use for the Taiwan Referendum Alliance - principally because a referendum is merely a challenge to the direction and control of government power, rather than a challenge to government power itself.

Make no mistake, we cannot live in freedom whilst evading the necessity of this challenge.

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