Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lipstick On A Pig

"I’m sorry, but this sounds like lipstick on a pig, and I think you (Dr Curry) are missing the only relevant point: science isn’t a club, and the problem isn’t in how to get the kids to trust the club members. You speak as if “transparency” is an image problem best solved as a marketing issue.

Science as I was taught is a method in which you do an experiment and the expectation is that any interested party ought to be able to reproduce the experiment. Repeatability of results can’t happen when a scientist doesn’t release data. There should never be the need for FOI requests. If whatever you did can’t be replicated and/or examined openly, it ain’t science.

Your essay reads as if you assume that the underlying problem is that FOI requests need to be handled more cleanly.


The underlying problem is that climate people have to be threatened with FOI action in the first place, and to rub salt in it, these people are employed out of MY wallet. When public funding is used, this is MY data. I paid for it. I don’t need no stinking FOI request.

You want to fix this problem? All data is open and online to any citizen who wants to download it. Period."
This is a comment from one G.L. Alston over at this guest essay by Judith Curry at Watts Up With That.

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