Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Change Your Mind

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"And needless to say, the cultivated man comes into contact with other cultivated men and with good literature; the ignoramus does not."
Absolutely - when Taiwanese people ask me how to improve their English (the second most popular question they frequently ask me) I always insist upon two things; building up a regular practice of both reading and writing AND avoiding the automatic choices (CNN, BBC, Yahoo etc) and opting instead for a mixture of the literary classics ("Robinson Crusoe" is my top recommendation for kids, "Crime & Punishment" for teenagers and "1984" for adults - largely because of their ready availability at different levels of language competency and their incomparable superiority to more or less everything else on offer) and what I consider to be some of the best bits of the web including the blogosphere. But -
"applying what you learn is everything."
Mark those words.

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