Thursday, 25 February 2010

SEVENTY U.S. Police Chiefs Resigning January/February 2010...

Although police departments in the U.S. suffer from relatively high rates of staff turnover, I'd imagine that much of this attrition would occur among the younger LEOs, as indicated in this admittedly twenty-two year old study. But what, I wonder, has been the average base rate for staff turnover among U.S. police chiefs in the past, say, five years or so? The importance of that question relates to this news item which, perhaps unsurprisingly given the kooky background whence it comes from, hasn't made the mainstream news. I have checked up on some of the individual cases for confirmation elsewhere, but I haven't checked all of them. Is this apparently large number of seventy police chiefs resigning their positions before the first two months of 2010 are out an alarm signal of what might be about to happen later this year or is it just an extra noisy bit of noise?

Billy Beck linked that via the eighth comment on this WRSA piece.

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