Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Quick Note On Michael J. Cole

Michael J. Cole has an editorial piece in the Taipei Times today on the prospect of Chinese kids arriving in Taiwan to enroll in University programs. His take is that, since these kids will be screened by the commies for ideological purity before they are chosen, their arrival will eventually be a rude awakening to Taiwanese students.

There is much for me to pick fault with in his essay, but I don't have enough time right now. However, I want to note down this as his chief wrong:
Once these substantial differences are made concrete through contact and interaction, however, there is hope that Taiwanese youth will realize that the denial of their identity is actually something that matters, that there is more to existence than finding a good job and making money.

The identity of "Taiwanese youth" is not something you or anybody else gets to decide on their behalf Mr Cole. Neither do you get to impute your valuations of what makes life worth living onto anyone other than yourself. Their lives do not belong to you and your Taiwanese nationalist fantasies so do not write as if they are your own surrogate children. I will write a letter to him on this when I get around to it later this week.

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