Saturday, 19 December 2009

On The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs


Contrary to the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, the Copenhagen summit on climate change is not a "non-political" global body (as claimed in Saturday's headline article). It is essentially political. The Copenhagen summit is an attempt to organize and direct the growth of the State upon society to tackle a vastly exaggerated phenomenon of uncertain cause (see Climategate scandal). Copenhagen is pure politics in that what is being discussed is the use of force to impose the values of some upon the many. That no deal seems to be emerging from this summit testifies to the nature of the people involved. Polticians - all of them - are merely gangsters dressed as emperors. That they cannot agree with one another is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that one group of them wants to keep another group of them out for reasons of status. The people at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs have been so concerned, for such a long time, with raising awareness of their attempts to gain access to international meetings that they no longer bother to direct any critical attention to the political value of such meetings above their tiny diplomatic horizons.

The people of Taiwan, in as much as they may value their own personal freedom to direct their own lives, really ought to want nothing to do with the Copenhagen summit. The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus (who fought against the communists in the 1980s) has refused to attend the conference on the grounds that "what it proposes is far too close to Communism for comfort.” Comprende? The communism we are all supposed to be so afraid of in China! Is this what the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs wants for the people of Taiwan??? It is insufferable to me that you, and other papers like yours, do not report on this aspect of the story.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Saturday 19th December 2009. Unpublished by the Taipei Times)

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