Wednesday, 2 December 2009



This week's events in Australian politics, in which the passage of carbon-trading legislation has not proved as smooth as its proponents had hoped, indicate the depth of outrage felt by many so-called climate change "deniers" at what is an abuse of science for the political end of furthering heretofore unprecedented global extensions to the apparatus of governance.

The global surface temperature is, for the greater part, merely a consequence of atmospheric pressure and convection - the postulated feedback mechanisms by which carbon dioxide is hypothesized to affect temperature are very complicated and in any case, the total proportion of global atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by industry alone is impossible to measure. Given those basic facts - which even the scientists at the IPCC do not themselves deny! - the rush by developed countries to pass carbon trading bills and to agree on other such policy measures for the future at Copenhagen seems rather more than premature.

And how much more so when we consider the news that the IPCC's leading climate change research institution destroyed the original raw data for their global temperature record more than twenty years ago? Or when we consider the revelation that they deliberately attempted to massage the kurtosis on their temperature graphs to hide the recent decline in global temperatures? Or that they made a concerted effort to prevent publication of scientific articles casting the light of doubt upon their claims of catastrophic global warming? Or that they deliberately deleted both data and code that had been requested by other researchers under the UK's Freedom of Information Act (2000)?

Since when did scientists in the pay of socialist-leaning governments seek to hide their work and prevent it from being scrutinized by their peers? Since when did journalists cower in disgrace from their duty to pursue the truth? And since when did politicians, whatever their colour, delight in finding yet more excuses to increase their control over us?

Yours sincerely,
Michael Fagan

(Sent: Thursday 3rd December 2009. Unpublished by the Taipei Times)

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