Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Climategate Impact Beginning To Be Felt


There are signs that the man-made global warming fantasists are now losing the public debate, if such it can be called. Recent mention of the Climategate Scandal in your pages (sans defence of Phil Jones et al) is perhaps one such timid sign given your previous determination to ignore it and just wish it away. Lord Monckton was quite right to say that the scientists at the CRU were in fact criminals. Your paper has backed the wrong horse in this race from the start.

As regards to the watermelon's fallback position of "oh well there may be no global warming, but we need renewables anyway" - this is disingenuous nonsense. The entire State supported renewable energies industry is a massive economic bubble waiting to be pricked. Both solar and wind energy in particular are so ridiculously inefficient (10% or less) that they cannot be seriously considered options for any long-term energy policy. I say what needs to be done, as only a first baby-step, is a stripping away of the laws, bureaucracy, and regulatory planning commissions that currently prevent private capital from constructing cleaner, safer and more efficient nuclear power plants on private property. The renewables are, like the banks, yet another state-supported bubble, which, when it bursts are going to ruin many people's lives.

Michael Fagan

(Sent: Wednesday 16th December 2009. Unpublished by the Taipei Times)

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