Monday, 30 November 2009

Decision Time

So now every long-term investor should take note - in Switzerland the principle of private property has been rejected by a majority of the voting population for the implications it is laden with.

The fight against Islam has its' proper frontiers - and the Swiss (along with just about everybody else) have apparently made their decision about what these are.

Either the fight is about the uses to which the western democratic State, with its monopoly on legally sanctioned initiatory and retaliatory force, may be put, or it is about the defence of classical liberal principles of private property, self-governance and free association. It cannot be about both, since the one is being deliberately being cultivated to extinguish the other.

The primary historical significance of the fight against Islam is that it is a proxy by which the western world is waging war upon itself.

"what mechanisms for ideological self sustainability are permissible to libertarians?"

Memory - above all else.

- My comment on this post at Samizdata in which the subject under discussion is the recent decision by the Swiss population to ban the construction of minarets, an important feature of Islamic architecture.

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