Saturday, 10 October 2009

On The Nobel Kool-Aid Prize


The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama had a "surprise" value to me of precisely zero. The award has been corrupted by the political left for decades now. The awarding of the prize to Obama is directly related to the extreme Statist ambitions of Obama's administration combined with the Statist bias of the Peace Prize committee. Rehearsing the scandalous history of the "prize" in full would be more tedious than a simple link to the wikipedia entry.

I merely suggest that the Taipei Times either ignore future Nobel Kool-Aid Prize awards, or relegate such stories to minor columns, as the prize (along with its sister the Nobel Prize for Literature) has been so degraded over the years, and particularly with this latest award, that it is clearly nothing more than a badge of ultra-coolness for the Statist left to pin upon their heroes.

Peace can only emerge from justice - and achieving justice is extremely difficult, so much so that in the Middle East it can appear impossible at times. The Nobel "Peace" Prize actually has nothing whatsoever to do with this most daunting area of human endeavor - everyone should just quit acting like it does.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Saturday 10th October 2009. Published in the Taipei Times: Tuesday 13th October 2009).

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