Friday, 15 February 2013

A Frustrating Morning At Baihe Reservoir (白河水庫)

I spent yesterday morning at Baihe reservoir (again), trying (again) to find a better vantage point from which to photograph the geography of the reservoir's "fractal fork", as I have taken to calling it...

It was a frustrating morning on several counts: first, I have now exhausted all of the little farmer's roads down into that part of the reservoir and none of them afford anything other than a waterside view which is no good because these views are always enclosed on either side by the contours of the land; second, I was unable to take a boat out to photograph the "split" section at the beginning of the fork because all of the boats were locked up and none of the owners were around to ask to borrow one; third, and consequent to the lack of a boat, I was left to take my larger shots of the water with the sun directly overhead in front of me - the skills for which I don't really have yet. I used one of the graduated filters for this (the shot to the bottom right above), but still, the glare from the sun was too strong, making me wonder whether I might have been better off taking the shots at dawn or just after.

There are only two other approaches I can think of to capture this fork in an actual photograph. One is to find a way to climb to the top of that cliff in the picture to the top-right; it should, I suspect, offer a decent enough view overlooking the entire fork and since it is lined at the top with betel nut trees, then logically, the farmers must have a path to get up there somehow (and yet I didn't see one - and previous paths have turned out to be cul-de-sacs). The other approach would be to get myself a little swimming pool float or two, stick the camera bag on top, and swim with that pushed out in front of me to get to a good position to look back up the fractal fork.

Another thing was that the air was quite humid and hazy, despite the sunshine and blue skies and yet today (Friday), the air is much clearer but it is too late to trek all the way out there again today. I'll have to leave it for another time - there are other things to be doing today and over the weekend.

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